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Check out our services and contact us with any question or wish.

Our base of operation is De Haan, but depending on the wind, sea and tide, an activity can start at a different location

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Initiation sea kayak

€ 75 pp / half day

€ 120 pp / whole day

Equipment included

Min. 4 participants

no experience required

Are you curious about the feeling  to go out on to sea? Want to be far from everything and sometimes see seals or porpoises?

Then you can enjoy a first experience at sea in a kayak, togehter with us in complete confidence and safety.
All necessary material and guidance are included

Sea kayak rental

€ 50 pp / half day

€ 90 pp / whole day

Experience: basic sea kayak required!

Do you like a sea kayaking, but don't have one of your own?

We-at-Sea can provide you, a top sea kayak, carbon paddle, neoprene sprayskirt and a decent life jacket.

This does not include guidance.

Special benefits for VTS and VKKF and their clubs.

Personal assistance

on request

Do you already have a first experience at sea as a kayaker and do you want to learn or improve certain skills?

At We-at-Sea, we can help you achieve your goal.


Contact us to map out a personalized route together.


Start to Sea Kayak

€ 300 pp
6 half days
Equipment included
No experience required
Minimum 4 participants

Do you want to learn to kayak properly and independently at sea?
We-at-Sea teaches you in a number of intensive sessions all the kayaking skills to kayak safely and responsibly at sea.

We will teach you the correct paddling techniques, tell you about the dynamics of the sea and how to sail through the surf and what to do in a rescue.

Kayaking in the Surf

€ 75 pp / half day
Equipment included
Min. 2 participants

This is without a doubt the most fun and exciting part of sea kayaking. What can you expect?

You get a brief theory about it
the dynamics of the sea and surf and the safety rules.

Then we go through and into the
surf the surf and surf the waves towards the beach

Rescue techniques

€ 75 pp / half day
Equipment included
Min. 4 participants

Safety is a priority at sea.

Learning rescue techniques correctly increases confidence and can make the difference in a difficult situation.

What can you expect from us?

A short theoretical explanation of emergency situations, then we practice an assisted rescue at sea
(T-rescue), self-rescues, rescue of an injured person and the correct use of a towing line

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