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Our equipment

At We-at-Sea we only want to offer top-notch equipment.


Kayak paddles Seglagear BE:

We are very proud to offer high end Carbon paddles from the Belgian manufacturer Seglagear.

We offer both Greenland and Euro style paddles in our webshop

Of course these can be tested during one of our activities


Kayak paddles Mitchell Blades

We are the only European dealer of the Carbon high end paddles of Mitchell Blades UK.

These are offered through our webshop and can be tested during one of our activities.


Life jackets:

Our life jackets are Aqua Design MQ pro and fully adjustable.


Sea kayaks:

We use Valley PolyEthylene kayaks of various types. These are very comfortable high-end kayaks


Spray skirts:

Hiko neoprene spray skirts are of very good quality and we have these available in different sizes


Carbon Paddles:

Our paddles are made of Egalis and completely made of Carbon, two-piece and fully adjustable in length and blade angle.

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